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THE FIRST BATTLE is fast approaching in our campaign to end eminent domain abuse by having those who advocate it experience it themselves. The Committee for the Protection of Natural Rights is hosting a rally in Weare, New Hampshire over the weekend of January 21st and 22nd. We will meet in central Weare on Saturday morning at the OLD WEARE TOWN HALL. After some invited keynote speakers, we will set out in all directions to ask Weare voters to express America's outrage over the Kelo vs. City of New London decision.

We need to send a strong message to all politicians—stop stealing our property or YOU will be on the receiving end of the eminent domain steamroller.

Come to Weare, NH. Make a vacation of it. New Hampshire offers great options for the whole family: skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and much more. You can fly into Boston's Logan International Airport (BOS) or Manchester New Hampshire's airport (MHT).

There are no hotels in Weare (they need one) so supporters are recommended to find one in Manchester or Concord. Be prepared for cold, snowy conditions both in how you pack and the vehicle you rent.

Remember, no matter how bad the weather conditions the hosts of the event are all hearty New Englanders that will show you the ropes.

E-mail us if you might like to attend. More details will be provided as they develop.



  The Rally was a complete success. Supporters from all over the United States came to show their support and join the campaign to get the word out to the Weare Voters. Supporters traveled to Weare from Seattle, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York City, Virginia, Maryland, and all over New England to attended.

We have collected enough signatures and submitted a Warrant Article that will be put to the Weare Voters on March 14, 2006. The goal of the Rally was to raise awareness on this issue as well as inform the voters as well as notify residents about the rally being held Sunday. Over 15 teams of volunteers took to the streets of Weare to speak to voters.

Reports back from the volunteers were positive. Within just a few hours, over 150 signatures were collected to support the project.

Sundays rally had a robust turnout. The began speeches from the hosts of the event; Committee for the Protection of Natural Rights.

Chairman Gary Hopper introduced the project and illustrated how the committee began and outlined the mission. Keith Lacassee, Vice-Chair delivered a history lesson about the Pine Tree Riot and the appropriateness that this action takes place in Weare, NH.

Key speaker invited to the event; Logan Darrow Clements is a filmmaker from California. Clements was the first person to fax the Town of Weare voicing his intent to seize Justice Souter's land through Eminent Domain. Clements speech invigorated the crowd and evoked much applause.





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