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On June 23, 2005 Weare’s own David Souter and four other Supreme Court Justices voted in the "Kelo vs. City of New London" decision to allow local governments to take homes, lands and businesses using eminent domain and give them to private developers if the government believes that the developers will generate more tax revenues or other economic benefits.

This ruling set loose a wave of government seizures across America.  In Riviera Beach, Florida the city is threatening to evict 6,000 people from their homes and businesses for a marina and condo development.  Four different cities in Connecticut are using the Kelo ruling to take properties for development.   In California a government took 700 acres owned by 246 different people for an automobile test track.  Over one hundred similar incidents are listed at  under "Current Controversies".

It is our belief that people like David Souter who support government seizures of homes and land for tax benefits or economic development need to be educated about the importance of property rights.   Our goal is to provide this educational experience by having them live under the rules they endorse.  Therefore, we propose using the ruling that Supreme Court Justice David Souter voted for to seize his property for the development of an inn, cafe and museum.  It will surely increase Weare's tax revenues but more importantly it keep the issue of eminent domain abuse in the news until legislators outlaw the practice in all fifty states. 

Some might consider this idea "radical".  However, it was the Kelo decision that was a radical departure from the proper interpretation of the Bill of Rights, which was created not to empower governments, but to restrain them. Because of Souter's vote and that of the other four Justices, no one's home is safe because a government will always generate more tax revenue by seizing your home and giving it to a retail business than by respecting your right to retain and live in your own property.

This isn't the first time that we've have had to fight back in creative and controversial ways.  The Boston Tea Party probably looked like an act of vandalism while it was taking place, but we know now that it was an important step in the fight for liberty.  The Pine Tree Riot that took place here in Weare may have also looked like a radical act at the time but it let the King know that we will not tolerate any more theft by government.             

While our forefathers took arms over a tax on tea and pine trees, we are now threatened with losing our homes, lands and businesses.   People all across America are hoping that the voters of Weare will fight back against this unjust ruling.  You now have the opportunity to make the perpetrators of this wave of eminent domain abuse live under their own rulings.

Architects, Engineers, and Developers have been in contact with us to pursue this project correctly. Conceptual design drawings are posted below. The intent is to illustrate how the construction of the Inn, Museum, and Cafe would not only increase tax revenues, but will also clean up an ill cared for property. Our goal is to be utilize sensible and sustainable design that is appropriate for Weare NH.

Architects rendering of the entry of the Lost Liberty Inn
Plan view of the site of the Lost Liberty Inn
Architects rendering of the Lost Liberty Inn; including the Just Desserts Cafe located in the former Souter House.
Architects rendering of the aerial view of the Lost Liberty Inn Project




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